Do These 3 Things To Treat Lawn Grub Infestation

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Think you may have Lawn Grubs? Really, you should take it as a compliment as it probably means you have the best looking lawn in the street. These critters love only the most luscious and dense grass to feed on.

Here are our top tips for getting rid of these pesky hungry grubs and returning your lawn back to a healthy state.

Identify: Have you noticed brown patches? Perhaps an increase in bird activity and flies on your lawn? Chances are you’ve got a dreaded infestation of lawn grub! But, before we start treatment let’s make sure we’re certain. Lay a wet towel over a section of your lawn overnight. If you have a grub infestation then in the morning when you lift the towel you should see some grubs on it or on the surface. If you have brown patches, another test is to pull up a small section of the grass. You’ll know you have lawn grubs if it’s rolling like a carpet and has no roots. (Only do this if you’re certain the patch is completely dead, otherwise, there may be a chance you can bring it back to life following treatment).

Act Fast:

Acting fast is imperative to reducing the damage caused by these grubs. There are many different pest controls on the market but our top product choice for fast-acting is 'Richgro Hose On Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa’. This highly effective insecticide is easy to use as the bottle attaches to your hose to create a quick spread application to your lawn. Although it won’t harm your soil or plants, it does contain some active constituents that can be harmful to pets or children so make sure they steer clear until the application has dried. Within a few moments of applying the solution, you will see the grubs come to surface. To prevent wildlife from eating the infected grubs, we recommend collecting them as they surface.


Your grass has endured a pretty nasty experience and will be craving lots of TLC to make it happy again. We recommend a few days of consistent close watering or, if you have an irrigation system then scheduling it for a longer cycle.

Once the insecticide treatment has been completed and washed out you will need to do a fertiliser application. Fertiliser's include growth stimulates to promote strong root and shoot development. Our favourite for this is ‘Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics’. Another great Australian brand that blends organic compounds for a controlled release of nutrients. While there is no guaranteed aid for the complete prevention of lawn grubs, this fertiliser will help produce strong plants/grass that becomes less susceptible to insect attacks.

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