3 Plants To Create Privacy

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

While most people use plants for their aesthetics, it’s important to consider their many practical purposes, for instance, privacy. The type of plant you use will depend on the space. Will you be using it to border your front/back fence? Is it to create a backdrop for your pool area? Is it to screen a seating section within your garden?

Whatever it may be, here are our top 3 favourites for privacy.

1. MURRAYA: It will be no surprise why this is a favourite. From its glossy dark green foliage to the masses of white sweet smelling flowers. Murraya hedge can grow quite quickly (up to 2.5-3m high) and works perfectly as a privacy screen. So long as you’re providing it with well-drained soil and a sunny position, it will only need a light trim a few times a year and a little prune after flowering

2. LILLY PILLY: (Australian Syzygium) This makes a great screening plant in all situations and areas because it’s a native and very hardy - well equipped for what our hard climate throws at it. It doesn’t mind if you’re heavy on the pruning to shape it how you like but it will also be happy growing naturally. This one will reward you with some beautiful blooms; fluffy white or pink flowers that the native birds will also be thankful for.

Last but not least....

3. WATERHOUSEA FLORIBUNDA: This iconic tree, with it's graceful weeping foliage is an ideal addition to any garden, especially as a rapid growing native that will give you hedging quickly. It creates a calm ambiance and excellent backdrop. We recommend it for screening and windbreak due to it's dense evergreen.

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