Where to start for your landscape design

Updated: Jun 5

When designing your landscape, where do you start? It can be overwhelming with all the choices and planning to consider but these tips will help you easily prepare for our designer's to bring your vision alive and deliver a beautiful and charismatic landscape design.

1. Know your garden's purpose: Your designers objective is to deliver a space that enhances your lifestyle, having a clear vision of what you want to achieve will ensure your design reflects your garden's purpose. Think about what you want to accomplish with your garden and make a list of your wants vs. needs for the space. Do you want an entertaining area but need vegetable beds? Do you want a fire pit but need a child-friendly area? Your designer will get to know your property's microclimates and typography, planning for the conditions accordingly eg; sun/shade patterns, water movement, levelling, soil types etc. 2. Theme selection: It's recommended to look at the architecture of your home when deciding your garden's theme. The more you understand the personality of your property, the easier it will be enhance it's best traits. Your designer will help you determine a theme that compliments the style of your home while delivering your vision. Theming can be as simple as consistent forms and shapes used throughout the space, to strategic plantings and complex hardscaping. Your designer's understanding of the planning principles will give you the best advantage to successfully pair elements. 3. Attention to the details: All great design plans have a series of focal points to draw your eyes around the landscape. What will this look like for you? A feature sculpture, ornamental tree or multi-platformed garden beds? Your designer will present a selection that compliments your space and suits your landscape conditions. This attention to detail will help you create different spaces with different uses in your landscape. Your plant schedule will also help to capture attention using a selection with contrasting shapes, textures, sizes and colours throughout your landscape design. Visit our CREATE section to view some of our 3D Concept planning.

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