Top 3 tasks for Autumn gardening

Updated: Mar 6

And just like that, the season has changed!

Time to wash off the summer sweat and prep for the crisp days of Autumn.

1. A garden’s equivalent of Weet-bix:

The best breaky for your growing plants. Fertilising your gardens and lawn will not only keep all things green and happy for longer, but it will make your garden and lawn strong enough to recover quickly from temperature changes. We recommend a slow release fertiliser. Organic Xtra is a premium organic fertiliser that is suitable for the whole garden and the slow release of nutrients will continue feeding your plants for up to 3 months.

2. Mulch, mulch & then mulch. Mulch also helps to improve your soil’s health and encourages strong plant growth. Our recommendation is Hoop Pine Bark, which will interlink perfectly to hold on in almost any situation. With a little bit of Hoop pines mixed into the bark it is an ideal product that will keep the weeds at bay, retain moisture then eventually break down and add to your rich soil nutrients. In addition to the great health benefits, it helps to ‘dress up’ your gardens.

3. Make life give you lemons Autumn is for planting! Getting some new plants in the ground during this season will be the best chance for strong root growth. We highly recommend fruit tree planting during this time as you’ll be gifted with well established growth in spring.

Want a splash of colour? Violas and carnations love a cooler weather planting. Also check out some root veggies. Carrot, radish, turnip and beetroot are perfect for planting in our Brisbane autumn climate.

Implementing these tasks will help set up your garden for success and provide the best opportunity for strong growth. Now is the time to treat your garden, and it will treat yo' in return.

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